Frequently Asked Questions

Kindly read through the FAQs thoroughly before sending an inquiry via DM.


How does pre-order work?

  1. Interest check is posted on Twitter.
  2. Price list, size chart & pre-order details are announced on Twitter a few days later.
  3. Once pre-order starts, customers can place their orders on the website.
  4. After customer places a pre-order, order confirmation with payment details is automatically sent to their email (Check Promotions or Spam if not in main inbox).
  5. After pre-order is closed, production starts.
  6. Customers can send their payment anytime on or before the specified deadlines.
  7. Payment status will be updated in the masterlist within 2-3 days.
  8. Production updates will be provided on Twitter (#danyUpdates).
  9. Once items are ready to ship, shipping notice/checkout instructions will be sent via email.
  10. Orders will be shipped out and tracking numbers updated in the masterlist within 2-3 days.

How do I place an order?

  1. Go to product listing.
  2. Select version and color/size of your choice.
  3. Add to cart.
  4. Fill out contact information and checkout.
  5. Check email for order confirmation email with payment details (automatically sent to your email after placing of order).
  6. Send payment and answer the payment form.
  7. Payment status will be updated in the masterlist within 3 days.
  8. Pre-ordered items will undergo production for 1-3 months. Once onhand, the shipping form will be sent via email.
  9. Once packed, a photo of your order will be sent via Twitter DM/Shopee chat/email.
  10. Your order will be picked up by/dropped off at the courier. Shipping usually takes less than a week (unless shipped internationally or delayed due to courier issues).
  11. Your tracking number will be updated in the masterlist within 1-3 days after order is picked up.

Do I need to make an account to place an order?

Nope! You may checkout as a guest, but creating an account is highly encouraged for your convenience.

Can I order from your previous merch collections?

As long as it's still available, yes! All extra stocks from old collections can be found on this website or on my Shopee. Any other items not found there are already sold out and will not be restocked.

When will I receive the order confirmation email?

Order confirmation is automatically sent to your email after order is placed. If you cannot find it in your main Inbox, kindly check your Promotions or Spam.

If you still cannot find it, kindly message me on Twitter, @madebydanyph, with your order ID to request for another order confirmation email.

Can I still make changes to my order?

It depends. If pre-order is still open, then you may DM me on Twitter, @madebydanyph, with your order ID and change request. However, once pre-order has closed, no further changes will be allowed.

I already placed an order but want to add more items, do I need to checkout again?

No need! You may DM me on Twitter, @madebydanyph, your order ID and additional orders so that I can include it in your existing order. All changes will be reflected in the Masterlist once acknowledged.

However, if pre-order is already closed, then new items can no longer be added.

What is the difference between Pre-Order and Onhand?

Onhand: items are available and ready to ship (mostly extras or unclaimed items from previous merch collections)

Pre-Order: items will undergo production for 1-3 months before release

All items posted on the site are onhand unless specifically tagged in the product name as for [Pre-Order].

Is there a limit on how many orders for a specific item will be accepted for pre-order?

Nope, there is no limit! During pre-order, all orders are accepted and will not be closed earlier than the stated deadline. However, should there be any issues during production/procurement stage, then there is a possibility that orders may be cancelled and refunded.

Why is the ETA so long?

ETA is just an estimate of how long it will take for your order to be shipped to you after the pre-order period. It is usually long since I work alone and manage this in between my other job, plus I live in the province so it takes twice as long for items to be delivered to and from me, as compared to if I lived in Metro Manila.

With this, I ask for your patience and kind understanding, especially if ETA is further delayed because of external factors. If you are not willing to wait despite the delays (which occurs frequently), then please do not place an order.

Where can I check for updates on my order?

For recent updates, check #danyUpdates on Twitter.

For general production updates, see Production Status.

For specific order and payment updates, kindly look for your order ID/username under the corresponding collection tab in the Masterlist.

International Orders

Do you accept international group orders?

Yes! As long as you are willing to cover the international shipping fee or preferably have a PH address/consol (kindly indicate your consol's shipping information upon checkout).

Multiple GOs from the same country are welcome as well.

Note: For buyers who order via a GO, madebydanyph is not liable for the actions of the GO handler.

I can't find a GO for my country, can I place an order by myself only?

Yes, although the international shipping fee is too expensive to cover alone so I usually discourage international buyers from placing individual orders. However, if you are really willing to cover the shipping fee or have a PH address/consol, then feel free to push through with your order (kindly indicate your own username and your consol's shipping information upon checkout)!

If you are still considering it, kindly consult with me via Twitter DM, @madebydanyph, first before placing an order.

Which countries have you shipped to before?

I have accepted multiple GOs from Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, USA, Canada, Europe/France, Canada, Australia, and Guam within the past few years since launching. If you are interested in opening a GO for your country, kindly tag me in your post so I can share it as well.

How do I send the payment?

Payment must be sent to any of the accepted payment methods within the specified deadline. Previous GOMs usually use Wise or PayPal. To request for any additional information needed to send payment, kindly DM me on Twitter, @madebydanyph.

How much is the estimated shipping fee and when is it paid?

It depends. For the shipping fee, this will be calculated and requested from the GO handler once the items are done and have been packed. This is to ensure that the final volumetric weight is accurate in order to get the exact shipping fee.

Shipping fee must be fully paid by the GO handler before the package will be shipped out. Since DHL rates change at the start of every month, it would be ideal to send the payment a week before end of month


Will you open a new batch/restock sold out items?

Usually no, but it depends on the demand for a specific item. If enough people are interested and request for it, then I can open another batch; although, there may be a price increase due to change in production costs.

What does the design for this collection mean?

I enjoy putting a lot of thought into my designs for both the merch and freebies! Every item includes subtle or direct references to the lyrics (original or translated), costumes, MVs, stage performances, set and props, themes and concepts... basically many things.

If you don't understand a certain design, then feel free to tweet me asking what it means, I would love to share more about it! :)

All designs used are either originally made by me or from SEVENTEEN/Pledis/Hybe.

Do you offer plus size items?

Sometimes, it depends on the item! When I make a new merch design, I try to be as inclusive as possible and already add plus sizes in the options (e.g. up to 5XL for hoodies and 3XL for shirts).

If plus size is not already provided for an item, then it is due to supplier limitations.

Do you have actual samples of the products?

For new collections for pre-order, I usually do not have actual samples made yet, but I try my best to make sure the concept photos match the actual product as much as possible.

For old collections with onhand stock, you may DM me or check Twitter using '#danyFeedback [insert heart emoji of the collection]' (See Collection Guide for reference).

Special Requests

Can I request for freebies of my bias?

Yes! Once you checkout an item and proceed to your cart, there's a section where you can input special requests and specify your bias for freebies.

I will try my best to match the freebies according to your bias, but I cannot guarantee that you will always receive who you want due to limited availability.

For solo/unit content, the freebies for the collection are automatically limited to the member/s involved. (e.g. Vernon freebies only for Black Eye)

Can I send a gift to a friend and request for a special shoutout post/message?

Of course! Kindly DM me on Twitter, @madebydanyph, the following details:

1. Receiver's username

2. Message

3. Who will pay for the shipping fee? (Sender/Receiver)

Can I make a design request slightly different from the concept (partial print)?

No, designs are final for all orders.

However, if many people coincidentally request for the same new variation during an interest check, then I will consider adding this option.

Can I request for a customized design?

I generally do not accept personalized orders, but if you want to place a bulk order for a single item, kindly consult with me via Twitter DM to discuss the specific details (minimum 12 pcs).

You may, however, send me merch suggestions by filling out the Contact Form or by messaging me on Twitter!

Will you be making merch for other K-Pop groups?

Maybe! So far, I've mostly made merch for Seventeen because they're my ult group. They also release so much content in a year, I hardly have time to breathe (lol).

I've also made fanmade merch for NCT Dream's Hello Future before because I'm an NCTzen and got really inspired by the concept, so I just couldn't resist! I wanted to make more merch for their following comebacks, but Seventeen and my day job already take up way too much of my time and energy so maybe someday again ><

With that said, I won't completely shut down the idea of me making merch for other groups in the future! :)


Where can I see previous feedback posts?

See #danyFeedback on Twitter

For filtered search, include the corresponding heart emoji of the collection (See Collection Guide for reference).

How do I tag you in my feedback post?

For Twitter and Instagram, simply tag me @madebydanyph!

Do the different hearts mean anything?

Yes, each heart refers to a specific merch collection! See Collection Guide

Payment Methods

What are the available Modes of Payment (MOP)?

  • GCash
  • BPI
  • Maya
  • Metrobank
  • PayPal

You may also send payment via third-party channels (e.g. Wise) or from other banks not mentioned above (e.g. BDO, UnionBank, etc.), although fees may apply.

Can I change my selected payment method?

Yes, you may send your payment directly to any of the other specified payment methods in the order confirmation email. No need to inform me or request for change beforehand. Don't forget to answer the payment form found in the order confirmation email afterwards.

Do you accept Cash on Delivery (COD)?

For payment of orders, no.

For LSF payment, the only instance wherein COD is accepted is if your selected Mode of Delivery (MOD) is Shopee Checkout or Local Delivery via Maxim.

Can I send my payment via 7/11 Kiosk to GCash?

Yes, but kindly include 1% TF of the total amount.

Can I send my payment via Palawan Express/Cebuana Lhuillier?

If you do cash-in or send the payment to the accepted payment methods, then yes; but no branch pickups allowed.

Payment Confirmation

How soon can I send my payment?

You may already send your payment once you receive the order confirmation which is automatically sent to your email after placing an order.

I can't upload my proof of payment in the form, what should I do?

Reason 1: Your GDrive storage might be full, make sure you have enough space before uploading.

Reason 2: Incorrect file type, only jpg and png files are accepted.

Reason 3: File size is too large, maximum limit is 10MB.

If you still cannot upload the photo after troubleshooting, kindly DM me on Twitter your order code and proof of payment, @madebydanyph.

I already sent my payment, why does the status still say I haven't paid?

Make sure you are checking the payment status in the Masterlist and not the website since that one is not updated in real-time. If payment is still not reflected correctly, kindly wait for it to be updated and refer to the next FAQ.

Was my payment acknowledged?

Make sure that you filled out the Payment Form included in the order confirmation email after sending your payment in order for it to be officially acknowledged. For confirmation, a copy of your response will automatically be sent to your indicated email.

If you had already submitted your proof of payment in the Payment Form and it is still not reflected in the masterlist within 3 days, kindly DM me on Twitter, @madebydanyph.

Where can I view my updated payment status?

You may check the payment status for your order in the Masterlist.

Note: The status of your order/s in the website may not always be updated in real-time so kindly refer to the masterlist for payment and delivery status updates.

What does 'LSF/ISF Remaining' in the masterlist mean?

This means that the payment for your order has been acknowledged and only the shipping fee is left. This cannot be collected yet since the fee depends on the certain factors (e.g. location, package weight, courier). Once items are ready to ship, you will be notified via email regarding the next steps.

Payment Deadlines

When is the Deadline of Payment (DOP)?

For onhand items, payment deadline is within one (1) week from placing the order.

For pre-ordered items:

• 1st DOP (at least 50% downpayment): specified in the product description page

• 2nd DOP (remaining balance): one (1) month after first DOP

If a buyer fails to complete their payment after the deadline and is unresponsive, their order will automatically be forfeited. No refunds (if partially/fully paid) are allowed.

Can I already pay in full?

Yes, sending of full payment as soon as possible is highly appreciated.

Can I ask for a payment extension?

Yes, I'm not that strict with payment deadlines as long as the buyer is responsible with informing me beforehand via Twitter DM, @madebydanyph, and responding to my DMs/emails.

If a buyer fails to complete their payment after the deadline and is unresponsive, their order will automatically be forfeited. No refunds (if partially/fully paid) are allowed.

Is there a late payment fee?

No late payment fees, but please be responsible.

Delivery Methods

What are the available Modes of Delivery (MOD)?

  • J&T Express
  • Shopee Checkout
  • Maxim (within Bacolod City only)
  • DHL (for international group orders)

Not available in my location: Gogo Express, Lalamove

How much is the estimated shipping fee to my location?

Shipping fee varies depending on your selected mode of delivery, location and the volumetric weight of your order.

For reference (non-bulky orders):

  • J&T Express: Visayas=85PHP, Luzon=100PHP, Mindanao=105PHP
  • Shopee Checkout: ~50-109PHP, can check on Shopee
  • Maxim: usually less than 85PHP
  • DHL: depends on location and volumetric weight

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, but it is better if you have a PH address/consol since worldwide shipping is more expensive and inconvenient for me. If you have a PH consol, kindly indicate their shipping information upon checkout.

Can I opt for Same Day Delivery (SDD)?

No. Usually those who ask live within Metro Manila; but since I'm based in Visayas, this option is not available (unless you live within Bacolod City). Meetups or home pickup are not allowed either.

Can I still change my delivery method?

Yes, kindly DM me your new selected delivery method on Twitter, @madebydanyph. Please note that change/s in shipping fees may apply.

Can I update my delivery address and/or recipient details?

Yes, as long as your order has not been shipped yet. Kindly DM me on Twitter, @madebydanyph, for any requests to change your shipping details.

Shipping Updates

Can I opt for combined shipping of my orders?

Yes, as long as the items have not been shipped out yet and all are fully paid. Kindly let me know your order IDs for combined shipping via Twitter DM, @madebydanyph.

How will I know if my order has been shipped?

First, you will receive an email stating that your order is ready to ship. Once packed, a photo of your order will be sent via Twitter DM/Shopee chat (or email if DMs are closed) a day before or on the day of shipping. Then, the status of your order will be updated in the Masterlist. Tracking numbers will be inputted within 3 days after package is picked up.

Note: The status of your order/s in the website may not always be updated in real-time so kindly refer to the masterlist for payment and delivery status updates.

Where can I view the shipping status and tracking number for my order?

You may check the shipping status of your order in the Masterlist. Your tracking number will be updated within 3 days after order is picked up. If this is not yet updated by then, kindly send me your order ID via Twitter DM, @madebydanyph, so I can send it to you.

Note: The status of your order/s in the website may not always be updated in real-time so kindly refer to the masterlist for payment and delivery status updates.

Why is my order taking so long?

Delays in shipping may be caused by delays in sourcing/production, holidays, natural disasters, courier problems, or conflict in schedule due to personal reasons.

Rest assured, I will still try my best to ship your orders as soon as possible, so please be patient. If you are not willing to wait for your order in case there are delays, then please do not order at all.

How long does shipping usually take?

For local orders, shipping usually takes less than a week to arrive (unless there are issues with the courier itself).

For international orders, estimated shipping time is 1 to 2 weeks.

To follow up on the delivery of your package, kindly contact your selected courier for updates as I am no longer liable for the delivery once it has been picked up/dropped off.

Shopee Checkout

How and when can I checkout my order?

Checkout instructions will be sent via Twitter DM once your order is ready to ship and fully paid. Kindly make sure your DMs are open.

Kindly take note that there is an additional 1% fee since free checkout is not allowed on the platform (i.e. you will be provided with a 99% off discount voucher to be applied at checkout).

I forgot to claim my order before the deadline, can I still have it shipped?

All unclaimed items from unresponsive buyers are automatically forfeited and up for reselling, whether the item was already fully paid or not.

If the item has not yet been resold, the buyer may still claim their order without any additional fees; otherwise, a refund will not be issued.

How do I check the shipping fee for my location?

Fees may vary, usually between 50-109PHP. Visit my Shopee account and try to checkout any item without actually placing an order to see the estimated shipping fee.

Refunds & Returns

Can I still cancel my order?

No, all orders are final and cannot be cancelled. Refunds are also not allowed once order is confirmed.

You may, however, get someone else to take your slot and request for a change in shipping details. Kindly settle the details and payment amongst yourselves first before requesting the change.

There is an issue with my order, can I get a refund?

Orders may only be subject to refund review if: 1) the issue is due to an overlooked production error that was not previously disclosed; and 2) a clear unboxing video is provided showing the whole package and waybill. If accepted, refund/compensation will be upon my discretion.

Otherwise, refunds are not allowed.

My package got lost during shipping, do I get a refund?

For delivery via Shopee checkout, I nor Shopee cannot issue a refund for lost orders. With this, please choose this shipping method with caution.

For other shipping methods, your order will only be refunded if the courier confirms that they have lost your package during delivery. Otherwise, once your order has been passed to the courier, I will no longer be liable for it.

You may opt for your order to be replaced, only if there are available stocks left.

My package got returned to seller since I didn't receive it, what should I do?

For delivery via Shopee checkout, if the shipping fee will be automatically deducted from my Shopee wallet, you must send the payment to cover the previous fee before re-checking out your order.

For other delivery methods, you must send another payment for the shipping fee before your order will be shipped out again.

If the package is returned due to another failed delivery attempt or if buyer does not respond after multiple follow ups, the order will be forfeited and no refund will be issued.



Where are you based?

I am currently located in Bacolod City, Negros Occidental (Visayas).

Do you have a physical store?

No, all transactions are made online.


What is the best way to contact you?

The fastest way to reach me is via Twitter DM, @madebydanyph.

I do not check my email or Instagram DMs often so please do not send me any messages there nor expect an immediate response.

Where can I find you online?

Find us @ madebydanyph on all platforms!

Main: Twitter

Under development: Instagram

Others: Shopee

Do you accept event sponsorship requests?

Yes! Feel free to send me an email or DM on Twitter.

Note: Because of my location, I usually cannot attend the event itself but can still provide items so please make sure to reach out at least 2 weeks before the event itself.

Are you looking for a new supplier/production house?

I've recently been interested in expanding my merch line so if you offer special printing/engraving/embroidery services for clothing, stationery, products and/or freebies (e.g. customized shirts, hoodies, bags, mugs, plushies, phone cases, binders, photocards, banners, etc.), please contact me via Twitter DM, @madebydanyph. Thank you!